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Originally Posted by HeavyDriver
Has the FAA sent you a letter of investigation yet?...Make out a detailed report of the flight...Every fact and detail...Let people you trust in the aviation indusrty read it over or get an aviation lawyer look over it...That will cost about $75 to $100 bucks...Maybe...Start there.
That is the whole thing, the Feds only asked me to make a report on my engine problem, which was fine, and they never contacted me about the mythical 2000 pounds over gross, which is practically impossible anyway because without a pod it bulks out before it weights out. I just cant believe that anyone would start such gossip, and there are several of them who make remarks that UPS disclosed and the Feds were after me! I spoke to my POI and he never heard anything about it.S I dont think the over gross thing is an issue, it is just mindblowing that people would come up with this ****