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Default UPS system bid open. Bring on the newhires

To: All Crewmembers

From: Craig Luthin, Manpower Planning

Date: July 28, 2006

Re: Vacancy Bid 06-103, Realignment Bid 06-104, Displacement Bid 06-203

General Information

A sequence of vacancy, realignment, and displacement bids are open

These bids produce a net increase of 63 new Captain and 38 new First Officer

across the system. Vacancy Bid 06-103 and Realignment Vacancy Bid 06-104
will both

close sequentially on August 14th. The Vacancy Bid 06-103 will increase
staffing on the

A300, the ONT domicile, and will replace age 60 attrition across most other

Realignment Bid 06-104 will open the ANC domicile for the MD-11 and realign

crews from SDF to ANC. MD-11 staffing system-wide will grow by 20 crews.
Pilots in

excess positions at the close of Realignment Bid 06-104 will be displaced in
Bid 06-203.

We estimate as many as 125 recurring vacancies and a total of 200 training
events will

result from this bid. Training for these bids will start as early as
September 8th, with

some fleets having training dates through the end of 2006.

Vacancy Bid 06-103

Effective: December 02, 2006

Closes: August 14, 2006 8:00am (SDF)

Number of


A/C Seat Domicile Number



A/C Seat Domicile

3 B-727 CPT SDF 8 B-757 F/O ONT

2 B-747 CPT SDF 4 B-757 CPT MIA

1 B-747 F/O SDF 8 A300 CPT SDF

4 B-757 CPT SDF 8 A300 F/O SDF


12 B-757 CPT ONT 1 DC-8 F/O SDF

Realignment Bid 06-104

Effective: May 19, 2007

Closes: August 14, 2006 8:00am (SDF)

General Information:

The ANC domicile for the MD-11 will primarily operate Pac-Rim trips and

Pac-Rim IRO flying will also migrate to this domicile over time. The
domicile is expected

to grow to 100 crews or more by the end of 2007. Crewmembers will early
advance to

ANC prior to May 19, 2007. The decision to early advance crews will be

upon training flow and on the number of qualified MD-11 crewmembers who are

awarded ANC domicile.
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