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Originally Posted by paxhauler85 View Post
Don't apologize. I agree completely. It's a piece of trash. Luckily, all of the guys/gals I have spoken with feel the same way.

I worry that the junior folks in the house (just off probation) will see block or better and vote yes.

If there's any Mesa guy/gal out there who thinks this is a good contract, please contact me and I will go through the TA with you step by step.

It is worse than what we have now, and that's incredible.
I feel the same way. It's as though each contract here is worse than the previous one. Is that how contracts are supposed to go? I always thought contracts should get better, not worse, over time.

I'm not angry at the MEC at all, it's now our job to reject the TA, send it back, get the necessary improvements. The language is downright scarry in some areas. This is all part of the process. If this contract passes, I'll be looking at options outside of aviation.
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