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Thanks for the information. I recently sumitted a resume, knowing that I was short on flight time. I am at about 775 total, and they require 1000. I am most concerned about the 200 multi requiement. I only have 115, as I am flying caravans instead of flight instucting. I plan on reapplying oftenas I get closer to the published minimums, but I will not get any more multi time. I also applied at Mountain Air Cargo, i would prefer to live in the northwest, but I will go with whoever I hear from first.

About Jumpseating. My main concern was being able to commute from my current home in Phoenix until I can move to the domicile. does anybody know if either airline has jumpseat privleges with any airline? My current employer isn't in CASS, but we can still jumpseat on Great Lakes to and from work.
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