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I'm interested in going to Alaska. Actually, I'm exploring any option to be financially able to have an enjoyable flying career after a decade in management! I'm still instructing and I have just over 1050 tt with over 270 ME. I have a family, so I'm trying to avoid being poor for the next ten years.
I have read so much on the Alaska forums, and I have a few friends that used to live and fly in Alaska. One is going back, and another would if his wife liked it. He is wanting to talk his wife into a summer home there though. From what I hear, Alaska has much of what I want: unblemished natural splendor, friendly people, frontier mystique, fun flying, plenty of adventure, and the opportunity to make great money.
The problem is that it is so far away from our families. It also seems like it is hard to break into Alaska flying unless you have the coveted "Alaska time." I should be close to ATP mins by the time spring hiring comes along, but I still don't think I can make enough cash to support my family that first year. Ahhh, this is the problem in every entry level flying job.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm open to anything (so is my awesome wife)- flying fresh salmon in Alaska, skydivers in Florida, tourists in the Caribbean, boxes or checks anywhere, passengers in a domestic or foreign regional, or airline cadets in Dubai or California. It sounds crazy, but it is difficult to find the best road in this terrible market.
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