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Default NWA/DAL Information Exchange...

Now that the seniority list is out and everybody is pizzed at everyone for some reason or the other, I am ready to move on. I would love to see what kind of flying the 737 does out of JFK and ATL. I also have a few questions about how things are done over there.

I'm thinking that maybe a few old DAL guys are interested in NWA "stuff" as well. I know, you hate our bases, our airplanes and our everything else. But, maybe you want to know what Asia is like. Maybe you want to know what flying a French airplane is like (I can't tell ya). Or, maybe you want to know what it's like to de-ice.

Anyway, maybe this can become a place where we --the New Delta guys-- come to exchange information.

So, I'll start off: Can anyone tell me what kind of trips the 737 flies out of JFK and ATL? I know it's all subject to change, but I like having as much information as possible.

Please, don't take it as if I'm inquiring about "your" airplanes, because in my opinion things are going to be swapped around so much in the next year or so that my 737 inquiry is more likely to be what the 320 is going to do; and if you ask about what the 330 does out of DTW or SEA is more than likely is an exploration of what the 767 might be doing out of those places.

The bottom line is that I for one am ready to move past the seniority list and look to the future. That was two days ago and there is nothing I can do about it.

Thanks in advance and feel free to ask whatever you like.

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