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I think it is safe to say that most of the younger DAL guys are looking at moving down from the 767/757, 737-800, or MD88/90 to DC 9 or 320/319. Or moving form ATL, SLC to DTW, MSP. So given that fact I would not think there would be much interest in the NW equiptment until it is time to be displaced to it. Go figure.

Not to mention the chance of being furloughed if they get rid of the DC9 and 747-200 after SOC which I think is very possible by the company just so they don't have to furlough out of seniority order.

Most of the Jr DAL guys had looked forward to having a fair amount of new hires coming on after them to fill our upcoming deliveries but now they have 70 lower paying soon to be retired jets and the crews to go with them that mostly came in above them on the seniority list. I would say the majority of the old DAL contingent is fairly depressed about their future upgrades and will see stagnation or backwards movement as the new DAL (NW) guys move into bigger better paying airplanes and some of our bases. Yes, I realize NW brought the 74 and 330 but for the most part the vast opportunities for NW guys to bid the 76/75 and 800 is a + for NW and a - for DAL. Not to mention still having your DB +our 401K. Things look pretty dim on the DAL side right now.

I predict 1000 furloughs after SOC, DC9 and 747-200 gone and no growth for next 4.5 years. I would expect the furloughed guys to come back as the retirements start up again in 2011 which happens to be about the same time they expect to start adding capacity back according to RA at the investors meeting. I hope I am wrong.

But hey that is just my opinion and it is not worth much.
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