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I'll offer up the Franco-American A320/319 analysis for my interested DAL brothers and sisters. I fly out of MEM and it has been the best non-military flying I've done. I love the airplane. The sidestick is fantastic, and takes about 5 minutes to get used to. The tray table is totally civilized. I haven't gotten any egg or cheesecake on my trousers in five years. It takes a while to get used to the magic, no doubt, and everyone has had a few "magic moments", but that is what NASAP is for! The flying is brain dead easy, the legs are generally 2-3 a day and I suspect DAL will load them up on longer routes and fly the MD more like the 9, not good for the MD brethren. We do a lot of Canada, and Caribbean, West Coast, and LaGarbage. We also go to the Fargo, Bozeman, Missoula, Bismarck, and Helena's of the world. And Chicago Midway for an A game challenge. Long term, a boatload of NBA charters, 16 teams for 10 years. I'm on one now. DH to SAT, layover, fly to MIA with your Atlanta Hawks at 1400, layover 31:00, fly to ATL, layup for 24, fly to CLE, and MDW, 14 hrs, then YYZ, and home to MEM. When our rig kicks in, even better. I love them. And I've been based in MEM almost 20 years. Not like working for an airline with 12,500 pilots. I usually remember something about everyone I fly with, kids, Collierville, Germantown, country boy, or downtowner. We generally discuss pork shoulder, SEC sports, GunAmmo, and kids and wife instead of J O B. The traffic is nil except for two hours a day, the city, messed up, but unique and has it's own very valuable positives. My kids go to catholic schools, and I would not move from here for anything, period. It is quite simply, my home. Public schools are not so hot, but some are very good, Hope scholarships to Tennessee colleges are gimmees. No state income tax, a lower cost of living than just about anywhere, and if you like the outdoor sports, great hunting, fishing, golf, stumpin' catfish, and coon huntin'. Navy Millington for BX, commissary for mil types, TnANG MEM for a great guard unit, and a boatload of Navy, Marine slots for reservists at BUPERS at Millington. If I were an empty nester, I'd jump on one of the homes at Harbortown, The Bluffs, or one of the condos along the river right now. Probably, they won't stay down long, but I'd love to watch Ol Man River out my window as I wane out of this career. I live in Lakeland, on the lake and boat, kayak, fish, run, and generally forget everything else at home. Two miles away is the greatest shooting facility in the nation, lighted skeet/trap, sporting clays, cowboy action village, combat range, 600 yard highpower, various distance rifle/pistol covered ranges, fishing lakes, a club house and BBQ pavilions. Any given day there you meet all kinds, shoot, visit, and leave with new friends to go eat. If it sounds like I'm sold on the bus and MEM, you're right. It's why I'm not so upset over 1600 numbers going in front of me. I really didn't want to commute to a widebody. Now, I don't have to worry about it! To quote Pete from "Oh Brother Where Art Thou", "Come on in Boys, The Water is Fine".
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