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Originally Posted by Sailor View Post
So, I guess nothing for APR or MAY, maybe 15-20 pilots for JUN.

A buddy of mine went to the ALPo meeting yesterday. He is furlough just like me, and wanted to get an update on things...

HAHAHAHA, he said that the Tab was running strong, thx to ALPo...also that people were just making small groups, chatting, drinking, checking out Blackberry's.

He said, no mention of:

Arbitrator, 4-5 day off, Company Status, Airplanes, Destinations, Recalls, Schedules...
...but good drinks and great company.

I am confused.
Definately nothing for April, but I am expecting a recall for May. I believe the company was planning on recalling for March but instead decided on closing SJU and LGA, which resulted in more efficiency with the schedules....enough to cover the March increase. We have a similar, if not bigger, increase May 1st. FLL-LAS, FLL-LAX, FLL-SJU, MCO-SJU, ACY-BOS all will start or expand service in May. Looking at the bid packet for March, there are 30 reserves in FLL, 7 in ACY, and 9 in DTW. Im not saying we should expect a big recall, and this is just my opinion, but I do believe we will need more crew on line for May 1st.

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