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Originally Posted by ExperimentalAB View Post
...but it makes me wonder what this business will be like when the last of the Sully's and Haynes's retire from our Flightdecks.
So are you honestly implying that if anyone else than Sully would've been in control on that day those passengers would've been doomed?

I'm sorry but I don't buy that argument. A severe clear, day-VFR flight right over an un-obstructed river and very close to all kinds of rescue equipment makes me believe other pilots (yes, including the FO on that flight ) would've probably been able to achieve a successful water landing too.

I think they all did a great job but let's stop this process of creating modern Gods - even Sully finds the whole glorification process uncomfortable...

I've had the privilege of meeting Capt. Al Haynes in person and he too disliked the "one-person-cult" some wanted to create out of his accident.

In fact, initially when his first officer was struggling with the controls and he hadn't realized how serious the situation was, he took over the controls from him and said "my controls." I’ll have to paraphrase him but he said something like "that was a very stupid thing of me to say because I immediately realized I was not in control of that aircraft!”

He emphasized that had it not been for the team work of his FO and the jumpseating pilot and the assistance they got from the ATC no one would have survived.

So in my opinion, statements such as yours implying the aviation profession might be doomed once our “Living Gods” pass on is not what Capt. Haynes (and I'm sure Capt. Sully too) had in mind when he (they) emphasized team work.
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