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While there may be a normal setting that works most often, it is still the responsibility of the Pilot in Command to control the aircraft. It was always my view that if you are relying on rote procedures and settings, then you are not in control. You are pushing buttons and hoping for the best.

As a student pilot, make it your goal to learn the normal operation of your aircraft, but always be prepared for abnormal things. The motor skills to get an airplane off the ground can be taught on the first lesson, but knowing what to do in anything but ideal conditions is a matter of learning and experience.

Your instructor may give you some normal numbers to look for when preparing for a maneuver. If not, take note of the things that generally work. But remember to use those settings as a starting point. You will have to adjust them every flight, and sometimes every maneuver based on the day's conditions. If flying were a simple matter of plugging the right numbers into an equation, pilots would have been replaced by robots a long time ago.
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