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Default Pay and Benfits

The pay is pretty descent FO start at 25K, Capt 42k for the 121 side, and the 135 side the 208 Capt pay starts at 32. The pay goes up about 1k every year. The health plan is okay if you are single, the family plan can be expensive. We have a 401k with matching funds up to 10% of your gross and you can contribute up to 15% and you will be vested in five years. We get a week of Vacation starting year one, two in two, three in five. Our schedule is Monday night thru Saturday Morning and on very rare occasion on Sunday. The equipment is great! If its broke write it up and it will be fixed within a day. The ONLY complaint I have is I would like to see more time off, the 121 capts get a week off every month and everyone else when the company can if you have the time accrued (TCA). Other than that its great over here, you willn't build time very fast but its a nice ride without the diffculty.
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