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My findings are that if you are in a 121 enviornment or plan on it...take the 121. The performance questions are very easy and all the 121 aircraft are similar in method of calculations.

It has been 8 or 9 years but when I studied for it I just learned 1 aircraft (727 I think) and just learned to read the charts and did not even bother with the rest of the performance. Same goes with the W&B. If you just learn to use the charts real quickly I think it saves time than some others who try to memorize answers. Sure you have to pay more attention when you take the test but you should anyways.

I studied for 2 or 3 days took 2 practice test and then took the real thing. If you have the option of taking a practice test or 2 this helps you decide if you need to study the perf/w&B more.

When it comes to 135 vs 121 I dont think it makes a huge dif. I took my ATP ride in the mighty Piper Seminole because I was bored and stuck instructing after the industry fall in 01. The examiner never even asked which test I took in this case.
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