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Originally Posted by Laxrox43 View Post
Spend the $300 and go to ATP to take the test. It's a breeze. Rather then racking your brains for weeks trying to teach yourself computations that you are going to forget as soon as your click "Submit Test"...just do the ATP course and get it out of the way in 1 day!!! I did it, and never looked back! Good luck!
I did the same and it was so easy. Before you say "$300 on my salary," think about it.

The gleim book is $35, the CD rom is $65 and you will spend $60-$90 to take the written at a testing center. Plus hours and hours of your time. I did the ATP program, bought $0 in books or computer prep software, and only used about 4 hours of my life.

Plus, the $300 can be deducted of taxes because it is a work related expense on your schedule A.
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