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I'll admit, I used to buy into global warming because I heard that supposedly the vast majority of scientists believed it to be true. Whether or not that is correct, I really dont know, I havent researched the subject a great deal. In recent years, I have just decided to remain neutral on the subject because it seems like there isnt a clear cut answer.

I just look at it like this--Would it be healthy to stand behind my car and breathe in the exhaust? Obviously not. Whether or not emissions contribute to global warming or whether "global warming" is even true is irrelevent to me. Have you ever be to Los Angeles? Sometimes it seems like you cant see 100 yards ahead of you because the smog is so bad. Now do I think we need to go crazy with emissions controls and outlaw every SUV/Truck on the road? Definitely not. But do I think it might be a good idea to atleast be conscious of the amount of pollution we are puting into the air? Absolutely.
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