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Originally Posted by deltabound View Post
The average salary for BAs 14,000 cabin crew, including bonuses and allowances, is 29,900, compared with 14,400 at Virgin Atlantic and 20,200 at easyJet. BAs pilots earn an average of 107,600, compared with 89,500 at Virgin and 71,400 at easyJet.
It'd be easier to take this request if the average FA made $48,864 (more than most regional FO's here in the US!) and the average pilot made $175,845 (more than most mainline CA's here in the US, and that's BA's average, which includes their FO's).

Bump up average pay to $176K @ our airlines ($211K for the average CA and $140K for the average FO) and you'd have a lot more volunteers here in the US. UPS just went through this, in fact. Many there took voluntary cuts to prevent a furlough. Of course, they are close to BA's #'s too.
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