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Default DCA says everyone is hiring

Kinda funny if you look at DCA's web site and the fact they can GUARANTEE you a job interview with a list of people that are hiring:

American Eagle Hiring suspended 350TT/100
Colgan Hiring 1000/50ME
Comair Hiring 600TT/100ME
CommuteAir Hiring 500TT/75ME
DayJet *Hiring suspended1500TT or DCA=1000TT/100ME+bridge
ExpressJet Hiring suspended600TT/100ME
Horizon Hiring suspended750TT/50ME
Mesa Hiring500TT/100ME
Mesaba *Hiring suspended600TT/50ME
Pinnacle *Hiring1000TT/200ME "preferred"
PSA Hiring suspended1000TT/250ME
Republic Hiring suspended800TT/100ME. 500T/50ME for some schools
SkyWest* Hiring1000TT/100ME
Trans States Interviewing ONLY500TT/50ME

I didn't know there was that much work out there.. makes me want to go back and regraduate so I can get an interview somewhere or they can just lie to me again.
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