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So why is UPS looking for a bailout?

What you aren't hearing about is the big bucks UPS is paying out like FedEx was supposed to do. It's definitely much easier for UPS since they are much bigger and make more profit than FedEx. FedEx may lose this pay to play political warfare.

UPS wanted to be under the same rules as FedEx when they didn't look much like FedEx at all. They fought to do so but were denied. In the meantime, UPS kept changing the way they did business to match FedEx. Isn't it just sour grapes that they now want FedEx under the same rules? Why did UPS change if they felt the rules wouldn't let them compete? Is UPS really being hurt? They make more money and have better margins than FedEx.

Are we really supposed to buy the argument UPS needs a more level playing field? They are the 800lb. gorilla, I mean Brown bear.
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