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From the ACU website:

July 20, 2009



ALEXANDRIA, VA - Last Friday Politico carried a story alleging that I had on behalf of ACU made a “pay for play” proposal seeking funding from Federal Express as the “price” of ACU support in a legislative battle raging in Congress.

The allegation is totally false. ACU continues to oppose a Congressional action that would extend NLRA jurisdiction to Federal Express and deliver the company and its employees into the hands of the Teamsters.

ACU’s opposition to doing this predated a funding proposal sent to Federal Express by ACU staff.

Neither ACU nor I have heard from Federal Express on the status of that proposal and we have neither asked for nor received any funds from UPS.

My position and ACU’s on the NLRA issue has not and will not change. Our opposition to what amounts to forced unionization is based on principle not personal, professional or financial considerations.

ACU’s positions on issues affecting this country have never been for sale and never will be.

David A. Keene


American Conservative Union

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