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Originally Posted by CaptainTeezy View Post
Ameriflight has always been my top choice over any regional airline. I think it is sad that you dont realize that Ameriflight will give you a huge opportunity to learn more than you ever could sitting SIC at some RJ operator.

Chances are...if you didnt ever really want to be there, then you dont belong there. Ameriflight is not a place for low time pilots to go just because they want a job. The 135 world is a beast that will crush you in a hurry if you are of the typical 300-700 hour low time guy who is just "tired of instructing and want to fly THE JET!"

GPS pink line followers, 2 pilot crew "training" from pilot mills, and RJ courses are not what Ameriflight and other 135 operators are looking for.
I totally agree, and I'm a furloughed jjjjjjet guy myself. All-weather single-pilot flying makes a man of you.
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