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Originally Posted by Flyby1206 View Post
Wow, Im a 5th yr Eagle FO commuting to JFK and my paycheck is about the same as that, damn! What are the typical duty days in the northeast(BOS) like (report/finish times)? How many days per week do you work to get 90-100hrs/month?
Duty days vary. 90-100 hrs a month would be a nice schedule but a ****ty pay check you could work every other week and get that many hours.

Min for full time is 140hrs/month at 35hrs/week. I do 200/month during the busy season and closer to the 140/mo during the winter.

Summer lines are typically a 5 on 2 off or a 4 on 3 off. Duty days this summer have been 9hrs/day give or take.

Pay doesn't suck but to make any money your gonna have to work your butt off. I try to alternate seasons between working a lot and having a bunch of time off. Unfortunately its a trade off but, it has worked out pretty well for me.
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