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Originally Posted by tsquare View Post
Not throwin rocks at you ACL.. it seems that summer is (will be) very telling... fall will be very telling... winter will be very telling...
From what I'm reading, revenues are a bottomless pit and operators like AirTran are going to have to swing to some really bad numbers. The 717's did not cost much, but the 737's continue to be expensive and they can not afford to park them (no revenue) with big payments coming due.

The likely targets, United and US Air, might not be as sick as many are making out. The truth is we have to compete with US Air and they have MUCH lower labor costs than we do, which is is unlikely to change as they can't achieve any measure of unity to get a contract done.

Delta's carrying more of an operation through this winter than they should. They will fix that in 2010, but in the mean time we are eating through cash too.

I have no idea why any airline stock is above $3 a share, except for maybe Southwest.

Pinnacle is up 250%. There are a lot of people either trading on inside information, or one heck of a hunch.

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