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Originally Posted by Bucking Bar View Post
Ok, since you asked. ... I offer this for your consideration:

2> Fiduciary Duty, simply explained, is putting the good of your pilots first, above your own.

It bothers me that those who are running for an office (not just you) have no idea what the basic responsibilities of that office is. It astonishes me that when asked, no one in ALPA can define the term. It is not difficult.

"It's not about me, it never is"
I,too, have engaged in the position of a fiduciary outside of this biz. So I have a basic idea of the role of a fiduciary. The above quote sums it up nicely, IMO. It is from my original post to you, and may be worth a revisit. As for the basic responsibilities of LEC reps, they are spelled out in the administrative manual.

A quick visit to our recent past: We had a very popular candidate storm the gates, pound his fists, stomp his feet, and fool a lot of smart people in getting elected. He then proceeded, allegedly, to breach that fiduciary responsibility in a very big way. So in that manner, saying the right things isn't really good enough. The principles of fiduciary responsibility, IMO, are within. You either have them,or you don't. Perhaps that clarifies it a bit.

As for the compass issue, I adressed that one as well. As I said, there are a lot of interested parties reading this, not all of them with a fiduciary duty to Delta pilots. Quite the opposite in fact. Thus, I am not willing to discuss it inopen forum. Once again, I invite you to reread my post with regard to the flow, every word, and I think that you might be able to connect some dots.

I offer this post not to change my views on subjects in order to garner your vote, as politicians do, but merely to suggest that we were speaking the same all along. You'll have to judge for yourself.
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