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Bar; did a little bit, but in a nut shell there is not enough credit out there to get some airlines though the winter months. I see a few airlines shrinking to survive.

You want guys that are going to fix the problems, IMHO you need guys that are going to listen to you, listen to multiple options and make an informed decision. There is one way to fix a lot of our ills and that is with UNITY. With unity comes the fact that to solve this the group needs to better educate itself, and come up with a idea (s) that work for all of us. Single source ideas often never pass the error check.

As for CPS. There may be some real genius in keeping them off the property. I hate to say it, but I see it. It has to do with all of the other DCI carriers needed to be in the bottom two of cost. Well, CPS is the cheapest, so it only leave one other that is in compliance at the five year mark.
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