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Default strong bags or luggage works?

My overnight bag is on its last leg and I'm tired of buying a new one every few years so I'm looking at buying one of the more pricey bags. I've pretty much narrowed it down the either to strongbags vortex or the luggage works plastic one since it is lighter than the metal framed one.

Strongbags looks like you can basically replace the whole thing at home via replacement parts and even has an instruction page and it looked simple to do. Downside is I don't think I know anyone with this bag so I haven't heard anything about it.

Luggage Works. Seems like you can replace some of the bag at home, but without instruction sheet online not sure how easy it really is. Good thing about it is I've seen lots of guys with it and most of them only complain about the weight. The plastic one is lighter, but from what I hear has a weaker pull handle which is prone to this a wide spread problem or just have a buddy that is unlucky?
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