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Default Compass age discrimination

I just received this from ALPA:

We’ve gotten news through our fellow ALPA pilots at Compass Airlines their company may start hiring soon – possibly even by year’s end. A class starting by the end of this year is a possibility.

If any pilots are interested in pursuing a possible job at Compass, please forward your resume to [name and email edited out by moderator] and he will hand deliver it to the chief pilot's office. He encourages you to submit a cover letter with your resume and complete the online application at, which is required before any resume is reviewed or interview granted. Currently, Compass is holding to ATP minimums for applicants; in the past they have been flexible on the 1,000 hours of multi time. Anyone seriously interested should complete the application very soon. If the company decides to run a class for December, they may start interviewing soon.

My point to this post is that I am not 23 years old, but I do have ATP mins. Would I be considered for a job at compass? I have all of their mins covered-- aprox 2000 total time, 1300 part 121, 1500 multi, 700 (ish) PIC, etc.

Can compass discriminate by age?

Just curious-- I'm only remotely willing to give up seniority for delusional security, but I am intrigued.

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