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Originally Posted by BeenThereDoneIt View Post
LOL.....neither Hazmat or Geronimo will tell you guys whether or not they think the pilots are a part of the profit-sharing plan at Avantair.

They simply don't know! LOLOLOLOL
I will state it. SS, the CEO has stated on numerous occasions that the profit sharing will be a company wide. That would include the pilots, the FBO, the OCC, sales, finance, mechanics and even the guy who mows the acres of grass surrounding the PIE hangar. So yes, all 450 employees will share in the profits. The CEO has always held to his word on all other matters during my time here.

The company continues on a trend toward profitability. We took delivery of 3 planes last month and word is a 4th plane will be on property before years end.

The company debt is actively being refinanced to lower rates. Vendor contracts continue to be re-worked to lower expense, sales continues to announce beating stated goals, pilot recruiting is starting back up to keep pace with deliveries, and investors continue to invest into the company. These are all good indicators that profitability is achievable.

I am confident that Avantair is moving in the right direction and I believe that my contributions as well as all those I work with is what is making a difference during this down economy. I see nearly everyone at Avantair working hard toward the same goals.

On a side note, there is nothing worse than sitting next to a guy in a cockpit and at dinner who has nothing positive to say. This is especially true on the more difficult days.
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