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Originally Posted by Flyboyrw View Post
Just to also throw something in...
I was in SFO trying to go to RDD on skywest, and they could only take 27 people, and the gate agent said they had 18 bags. I was denied, due to weight. Is this normal? I know the emb120 is always restricted, but at sea level with cooler temps and long runways?
You should ask to speak with the crew in this situation. The agent is just getting a number from Ops with the limits and has no idea what it means. There are instances when the a/c is an aft galley config that adding a jumpseater, in the actual, allows you to take more payload due to the balancing effect on CG.

SKYW seems to have adopted this policy, along with many other airlines, that getting out on time trumps taking ALL the people that want to go to their destination. Getting out on time should be a goal, not an absolute. If we can take one more person, it is worth the delay. That is what we are in business for.
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