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Not specific to Airline employees, however, many corporations negotiate corporate rates locally.
Usually 15-50% off the normal rate.
Anyone who visits the corporations for Any reason qualify for the discounted rates.

The following is a partial list of corporations that likely have special rates with Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn and/or Hilton at BDL:

ADVO Systems
Alstom Power
American Honda
Bombardier Aerospace
CT Southern Auto Auction
Fed Ex
Hamilton Sunstrand
Pratt & Whitney/UTC
Tac Air

I usually make a series of calls stating three companies that I plan to visit and ask who has the best rates.
The reservation agent will gladly search all three hotels checking three corporate rates.

Last week I stayed in Milwaukee and the rate went from $159 to $79 by mentioning Harley Davidson and Miller Brewing Company.

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