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Originally Posted by rickair7777 View Post
They are called "90's" because they are certified to 90 seats even though they are usually configured with less.

Smart pilots have scope clauses which are based on certified seats and MGTOW, not just installed seats.

A 90-seater configured with 76 seats and a first class cabin generates more revenue than one with 90 coach seats (in the proper market).
Why not call them what they are? (100,200, 200ER,700,701,702,702ER,900,1000)
We don't call a 737 a "137" because it has 137 seats.
The only place I seem to hear "90" or "70" or "50" is with Delta regionals. For some reason Comair's safety information cards say "CRJ50" ...etc. There's are the only ones I have noticed that say that. If we are going to call an aircraft something other than the manufacturer's name, why not:
Dinosaur 9 (DC-9)
Crap Box (MD-88)
Lawn Dart (ERJ145 in Delta colors)
Slob (Saab)
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