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Originally Posted by PearlPilot View Post
I am working on my IR, and also have about 15 more hours of those 50 cross countries remaining. To save $, to navigate without GPS, to learn new tricks, to practice CRM, etc. I have been taking along instructors on most of my cross country flights. Obviously instrument training is also conducted dual. So why do I feel guilty about this? Is it ok not to conduct single pilot operations? Am I missing out on something by not venturing out on my own often?
Yes - in my opinion you are missing out.

Decision making - without the safety net of someone looking over your shoulder. Learning how to make those decisions on your own sometimes.
Situational awareness when you have to do everything yourself instead of relying on someone else to listen to the radios, make the calls, back you up on every heading and instruction given.

There are certainly times when it would behoove you to take an instructor along. I took a more experienced instructor and pilot along with me the first time I ventured into DFW Class B airspace for example; but I had made plenty of solo flights before then too.

It is different when you're up there with no one else to depend on isn't it?
Remember your feeling in the not so distant past when you soloed? It felt different without hat CFI sitting right next to you

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