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I need some help!!

About a year ago I went to go hop on a flight when i realized that my logbook case was empty. About a week earlier I was flying with a friend, that has a nasty habit of constantly rushing through everything he does, and I remember sitting at the FBO after flying filling out my logbook when he started with that crap. I had lost my logbook. I frankly don't know how or why but for some reason when i packed my flightbag i must have seen my logbook case and thought it was in there or maybe i put something over it but reagrdless the point is that i was diverting my attention to this guy and the result was my lost logbook. A week later when a realized that I probably wasn't gonna see it again I nearly lost my mind. I had appx.1200 hours and about 3-1/2 years worth of flying that I didn't know how i was going to recover. We had just moved and I couldn't find the copies of the cummulative hours. Worst of all is the fact that more than 3/4 of the flying i had done had been in a friend's cherokee that we would fly the crap out of just cause we were splitting on fuel. My old intructor even told me that since i didn't have any records that there was no way of recovering the hours. So I did what he said which was to dig out my old PPL logbook and start training again and just get my instrument and commercial. Not too long ago I found the copies so i've been really excited about starting a new logbook with my totals. My instructor told me that there would be some conflict with the 8710s for instrument and commercial at the FSDO and that i should figure-out a way of amending those totals so that in a couple of years when i'm old enough for my ATP i'll be able to have the 8710 filled with my true total times, without there being any problems.

Please if any of you know the procedure or perhaps have been in a similar situation I would really appreciate some help. My local FSDO doesn't seem to know how to handle this and have been dragging there feet. Either way TIA and i hope this doesn't happen to any of you, This is literally a pilot's worst nightmare!!

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