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A couple of corrections from what my fellow CAL pilots posted:

1. Long call is 9 hours to report, but short call is 2 hours to report.

2. You can be converted from A (long call) reserve to B (short call) reserve, but if they do it MORE than 2 times in a month they have to increase the pay guarantee by 1 hour per each occurrence starting with the third.

3. Sick leave accrual is 5 hours per month, not 5.5 as stated above.

4. Pay for reserve is as indicated 72 hours for A; 76 for B. That equates to 4 hours per reserve day for long call and 4:13 for short call.

5. The last system bid which showed 16 recalls had an even split with these pilots as 737 GUM FOs and 756 EWR FOs.
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