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I've got a B.S. in Engineering from State and a B.S. in Aeronautics (major in commercial aviation) from another school i really whish I would have gotten a math or computer science as my second major. A major in aviation is just a degree the universities offer to justify having the flight school as a 4 year program. My advice get some kind of science degree, ie engineering, computer science, etc, something you can fall back on and something you can go to graduate school on if the oppurtunity and need should arise.

That being said, there are still good classes in aviation you can take and minor in "professional flight", like transport category systems, aviation law, etc. You most likely have to take the associated ground school(s) with whatever flight course you are taking, ie IFR regs for your instrument course.

Good luck, and just out of curiosity what school are you going to?