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Originally Posted by 08udaviator View Post
I meant as to obtaining the CFI/II/MEI through the school. I know it seems like a lot...3 ratings in 14 days
I went to ATP and did this program about a year and a half ago. I was lucky enough to get employed with a CFI job at a 4 year University to instruct while I finish my degree this spring, but comments about the program are all good for the most part. Guys in Jacksonville are great about 60 hours of ground school for the first week. Then cranking out the certificates the second week. I do feel like it is rushed but can be done if you have the right back knowledge and are 100% dedicated and don't plan on doing anything else those two weeks. I came from a structured part 141 school for my commercial, so I felt pretty prepared, but study and come prepared and you will do fine. I do feel like nothing will prepare you for being a CFI quite like your first few experiences with actual students.
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