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I am not from Denver and don't know the job possibilities out there. However, you are going to be very limited on what you can do. Mostly because of insurance requirements. I would suggest getting your CFII and MEI and then trying to find a teaching job some place.. anyplace really to start.

Things are slowly getting better, but it is still going to be some time for the full swing back to better times. You have good multi time for your eventual move up the ladder, but you need to build up to at least the 1000 hour mark, if not alot more. Pretty soon it is going to be ATP multi for entry into the world of 121. With the 500 actual cross country being the tough one to plow through as an instructor. We just don't do that much.

Good luck to you. And yep go somewhere that you can go year round, yet you can also get actual instrument time. Hard here in the Phx area.
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