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I would check out McAir at BJC. It was a good school when I worked there. I would also check out Specialty Flight Training in Boulder as well. Lonnie is a great guy and a helluva instructor. Aspen down at APA and there are numerous others.

I instructed out of BJC and 48V for two years in the late 90's. Yeah, there may be weather days, but unless you live in PHX there is going to be weather at some point. Lots of airports in the DEN area and along the front range and lots of opportunites if your willing to bust your tail. I had a ball teaching there and earned a bunch of hours.

Google schools in the area, and then when you get there, dress up, grab a bunch of resumes and go knocking on doors and start pressing palms. Ask to see the chief CFI and hand him/her your resume in person, ask for a tour or a time to come back and chat.

After you have seen the schools you like, go back every couple of weeks just to say hello and show your face, and keep expressing interest in the job.

Maybe consider getting a side job at an FBO as a line guy or coffee shop as a little insurance until you can get a roster of students. I went to school full time and taught the rest and was able to pay the bills.
Good luck!!
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