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Originally Posted by CRJPlt View Post
This is the way the MOU reads however, I hope some deal is struck that allows the furloughees who took jobs at 9L and 9E the ability to use their new number at that company, which would be date of hire since we were all hired after 7/1/10. I don't see how it is "fair and equitable" that right now I am senior to about 100+ guys at both 9L/9E and after SLI and I am forced to use my XJ number that practically overnight I will be junior to these guys I was just senior to the day before.
If the agreement is followed and you were "hired at 9E/9L" AFTER 7-1-10 You would be BETTER off with your XJ furloughed hire date. The agreeement was that ANYONE hired ANYWHERE AFTER 7-1-10 would automatically be stapled by DOH after the last person from the merged lists hired BEFORE 7-1-10. So you should be no worse, and likely better off using your XJ seniority. Will the arbitrator agree since furloughs typically are thrown under the bus, have it back up and hit them again? Anyones guess. But the prelim. agreement was you would still be better in the merger using your XJ number pre purchase.
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