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Originally Posted by Avroman View Post
If the agreement is followed and you were "hired at 9E/9L" AFTER 7-1-10 You would be BETTER off with your XJ furloughed hire date. The agreeement was that ANYONE hired ANYWHERE AFTER 7-1-10 would automatically be stapled by DOH after the last person from the merged lists hired BEFORE 7-1-10. So you should be no worse, and likely better off using your XJ seniority. Will the arbitrator agree since furloughs typically are thrown under the bus, have it back up and hit them again? Anyones guess. But the prelim. agreement was you would still be better in the merger using your XJ number pre purchase.
I see what you are saying and that wouldn't be all bad, but I've heard (from a SLI committee member) that the furloughs stand a chance of being placed at the bottom of everyone hired prior to 7/1/10, and after the new hires are put in DOH since furloughs are considered inactive employees and pretty much as nobodys in a list. Don't know how this will shake out, but if it were to go this way I would hope I could resign from XJ or something to ensure I don't lose that much seniority
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