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Great advice, all! Thanks, Bellyflyer. I enjoy canyoneering when I can, in the Sierra Nevadas, and that list is a little different, too...

Akaviator, right on... I have a mulokai, and the thing is nuclear. Spotted Seal with otter ruff, nothing gets through that. Only thing is that I left it in the airplane yesterday, and the ride to work was a little chilly! I was given the weather/gear line my first year up here. It rings more true the farther north I end up.

I forgot to mention sunglasses? Nothing like trying to land with the full brunt of the sun off the dash and the reflection from the snowpack below. I have a pair of near welding goggles I use for this, and a fog buster pair with barely a tint that seems to clarify in flat light.

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