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Default iPad FAA Approval for EJM

The FAA has authorized Executive Jet Management (EJM) to replace paper terminal charts with Apple iPad-based Class 1 electronic flight bags (EFBs) running Jeppesen’s Mobile TC chart display app. Jeppesen decompression-tested the iPad, and EJM conducted interference testing to meet requirements in FAA 8900.1. Fifty-five EJM pilots flew 250 flight segments in 10 airplane types over three months to evaluate the iPad EFB. The FAA authorization enables EJM to use the iPad with Jeppesen Mobile TC as the sole IFR terminal chart reference. The EJM pilots carry the iPad on a kneeboard, but work is under way for FAA authorization to mount the iPad in cockpits as a Class 2 EFB. Jeppesen currently does not offer en route charts on the iPad, nor is own-ship position displayed on charts, although the company is planning to add en route charts this year, a spokesman told AIN. It appears that the FAA is not requiring testing of every iPad that EJM pilots use. “In support of FAA authorization,” he added, “Jeppesen successfully completed RTCA DO-160 rapid decompression to 51,000 feet on a working iPad that is representative of the devices that will be used by authorized EJM pilots. The test article was functional before, during and after the rapid decompression event, with no anomalies observed.” EJM is offering the iPad EFB “as an option to crewmembers this month as part of an application process that is aircraft and crew specific,” according to EJM parent NetJets.
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