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Default Brokers-Scum of the Earth or necessary evil?

I have been in the 135 world for a few years now and all I hear is how the tips have all but disappeared. Some have suggested that the brokers ask the client if they want to add a tip to the bill which of course we never get, just 100% profit for the broker. And whats with all the freakin catering the brokers order and expect us to put some where in the plane with 8 pax 3 dogs and all their crap and 9 boxes of catering. And whats with ordering dinner entrees that require heating? Have these brokers ever seen a corporate jet or do they just sit behind their computers in their garage office in their underwear all day. Some of these clients act like children on spring break, trash the plane on a 4 hour flight, spill wine every where and rub food into the carpet and then barely say Thanks. You meet so few nice people you actually remember them.
If the PAX only knew how poorly we are paid or how tired we are.
A few more rants, The same people who barely say thanks are throwing $20 tips to every line crew guy that shows up,they deserve the tip, and I have seen many times a $100 tip to a limo driver who drove them across town for a 30 minute ride while we load their 500 pounds of crap and fly them cross country all night and land in heavy weather. And then there's the clients who show up hours late jump in the plane and ask how we can make up time. All the while we have another trip to fly the same day and now our 10 hour day has turned into 14 hours and we have to face pizzed off clients on the second trip of the day. Now I feel better.

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