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Default UPS - FQS Must Read! Deadline approaches..

For those of you FQS's that have not read this post on the Bar and Grill I have posted a very well articulated post that I paste here with permission of the author.

"As the deadline approaches for joining the ranks of the most cohesive and supportive group of professionals you will ever meet, I would like to remind you of two important items.

1~ The FAA's NPRM on new Crew Duty and Rest Rules have made it clear that many of the duties the UPS FQS are assigned will be counted as duty, which on the surface might appeal to some of you, since you wont be subject to as many days of office work followed by a flight assignment. But make no mistake, UPS will realize that they will no longer have the flexibility of the FQS list, they have even said so in their comments to the FAA's proposal, here is the quote:

"With respect to considering all “administrative” work performed by a management pilot as duty, UPS believes that the unintended consequence is that all management pilot positions will become non-flying positions. (P.75)"

Think for a moment what the UPS Legal Team just stated " the unintended consequence is that all management pilot positions will become non-flying positions"

Do you in your heart believe that UPS will continue to pay you as a Captain for this?

2~ some of the FQS's hired in the last decade are worried about joining the IPA and possibly losing their Captain status. If the NPRM goes through, and I am fairly certain it will, two things will happen to you. First UPS will most likely cut cost in your ranks as mentioned in item 1 above, but more importantly, UPS will most likely need to hire pilots to cover the new schedules required by the NPRM. American Airlines has stated that they will need to hire approximately 2200 pilots, while FedEx has stated they will need approximately 1000 pilots to cover the new rules. The projections for UPS is 500 extra pilots, so that means that they need to add 400 new bodies after the furlough recall is complete. All 400 would obviously be added to the bottom of the list, below you and me, thereby raising our overall seniority percentage.

I am sure you have been surrounded by information from both the IPA, but more importantly, from UPS in various forms, letters, TLA's, BPM's, PowerPoint presentations etc. I know that there are some in the IPA who would like to staple you to the bottom of the list, but we voted to do a straight date of hire integration for a couple of reasons.
First,it's the most obvious way to comply with our current contract for seniority (You are NOT new hires, just new to IPA representation and protection)
Second, we have no intention of punishing you for sending in your cards, that would make no sense when we are trying to invite you into our group.
Third, Precedent has been established on how to integrate "merging" lists, besides, we are not merging, the IPA is not buying "FQS Airline", simply integrating same "Class and Craft" in the most logical way

Please give very serious consideration to sending in your card while the window is open. We have held our arms open for you for almost a year now, but make no mistake, the few who wanted to staple you to the bottom could get their wish if we don't get the cards needed and we proceed with a straight "Class and Craft" job drive where we don't try to integrate the FQS's, but merely go after the flying, teaching, training, and checking jobs, with or without the current bodies assigned to those positions.

You owe it to your families to have a steady income, solid benefits, and known schedules.

Please don't let this opportunity slip away."
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