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Default Test Pilot for Bombardier-LearJet

Bombardier website

Job Description
Engineering Test Pilot-WIC00248


As part of a group within Bombardier Flight Test Center, which is responsible for Bombardier test programs, the engineering test pilot is responsible for conducting test operations on aerospace vehicles for the purpose of research, development and certification. Primary duties include test planning, test readiness, safety of flight and test operations. Test documentation and reporting. The pilot must communicate to engineering and project personnel on the planning, conducting and results of the tests (ground or flight). Review and provide inputs for flight manuals, flight manual supplements, pilot manuals and other technical engineering reports. Observe company, FAA and Transport Canada rules and regulations, and proper use of safety and risk mitigation methods and the safe operation of equipment. Support preliminary design review process with respect to pilot interface and human factors issues. Performs other related duties as assigned.


Must be familiar with flight test procedures and requirements and have practical knowledge. Prefer familiarity with Transport Canada, FAA and JAA certification processes and procedures. The pilot must hold the appropriate US or Canadian ratings and licenses (ATP) with a minimum of three years of flight test experience or equivalent. Candidate must hold a Bachelors Degree in an engineering discipline. Interpersonal skills are necessary to work effectively with a variety of individuals, departments and organizations. Must be able to maintain an FAA Class l medical certificate. Ability and willingness to work with irregular hours and work days. Ability to travel on short notice.

Primary Location

Quality, AES, Engineering & Manufacturing


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