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I would like to hear from anyone that knows a little about Ameriflight.

About myself- I am a low time pilot(cfi) looking to get started with a regional 121, cargo 121, or cargo 135 company (once I hit 135 mins or get my ATP.) Ameriflight seems like a great company to work for in comparison to a regional airline, or any other feeder cargo company.

Does anyone know what work scdedules might be like, ex. 5 days on, 2 days of?

Air you returning to your base each day, or are you gone during your work period?

What plane to they usally start you with? (It seems like to me, either the beech99 or the navajo.)

What is QOL like there or anyother insights that might steer one away from ameriflight or attract one towards having goals towards working for the company?

Also I do not have a degree, although I am close to a 2-year aviation degree, is a degree 2-year, or 4-year degree needed, or helpful when trying to get on with Ameriflight?
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