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Originally Posted by corl737
If only we could manage to get a few more "made for TV emergencies" like the jetBlue nosegear incident at LAX then the public would scream that we are truly underpaid heros and clamor for higher ticket prices!

don't kid yourself. The worst commercial aviation atrocity in our history resulted in a 6 month decrease in appreciable passenger traffic.

I don't think there's ever gonna be ANY public clamoring for pilots to get restored payrates.

Only when there is education for those who aspire to become a major airline pilot realize selling their low-time ticket for $20/hour to a 121 operator results in the stagnation (plummet) of the profession will this ever begin to recover.

Until then ... don't use those dasderdly rudders <tic>

If you're an aspiring major airline pilot ... get your experience w/o going 121. You'll be doing yourself a huge favor. If you're a <2000 hour guy @ a 121 operation working for <$50 hour ... you'll do yourself a similar favor by finding another venue.

If you're <27.5 years old, drop me an email [email protected] I can offer you a few options.

Good luck to us all!

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