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After reading these silly forums for years, it is safe to say that almost everyone agrees that the outsourcing of "regional" flying has been single most detrimental and destructive action towards the quality of our careers. Most wish that we could go back in time and NOT allow outsourcing. If it's an airplane with a specific brand/paint job, it should be flown by flight crews under one seniority list. No matter the size, number of seats, or distance flown. This provides the most protection to the unionized labor at the company.

Now look at RAH. A low cost major airline has become one with a regional airline. A major airline and regional airline will become one seniority list, represented by the same union, and protected by the same contract. This is a good thing.


The down side of that is the pilot against pilot, union against union fighting will take years to smooth out. I doubt we will all see eye to eye before the company fails.


I do think this company will fail. There is little hope that this company will survive more than a few years.

Every day that I go to work, I am amazed that any of us actually work here. It is an incredibly negative work environment, and it is due to our companies inability to run itself effectively and efficiently.

I could go on for pages about how poorly this place is managed, but everyone has read it before. It is turning into a blend of mesa and trans states holdings. From the crews on the line, mx, or the folks on the other end of the phone.....everyone is unhappy and looking to get out. Turnover in every department will be huge, moral will only get worse, and the company will hemorrhage money due to ineffective upper/middle management, training costs, and the mistakes of the under qualified ill and ill trained.


The next few years should be interesting.
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