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Originally Posted by topprospect16 View Post
This coming from someone who is furloughed from NetJets...

No crew food like NetJets, then again TMC doesn't have 450 on the street. Usually stay at the lower end Hilton/Marriott properties, ie Embassy, Hampton, ect. Great group of people at TMC. Get a lot of trips thru brokers, which can be annoying.
Well since I don't really really need a job..yes...would I leave a halfway decent job to go to

I have heard from several people who have passed through TMC (not all of them NJ) who haven't had much good to say about them....And from what I've heard, there have been atleast a couple newhires who were almost immediately layed off from TMC. You don't have a union therefore a furlough is not an option. It is called a layoff in the regular world.

Needing a job is one thing, leaving another job is another.

The OP asked what anyone knows about them, I posted what I've heard first hand.
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