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Originally Posted by topprospect16 View Post
This coming from someone who is furloughed from NetJets...

No crew food like NetJets, then again TMC doesn't have 450 on the street. Usually stay at the lower end Hilton/Marriott properties, ie Embassy, Hampton, ect. Great group of people at TMC. Get a lot of trips thru brokers, which can be annoying.
Slightly off kilter - but what are the higher end properties?
Last two jobs I've had I've stayed mainly at Hampton and Embassy (Hiltons), or Residence Inns for Marriott properties, and have found them to be very nice places to stay. The Embassy I stayed at for Initial had one of the best breakfasts that I've ever seen at a hotel, but then again I don't claim to have stayed at many 5 stars hotels either

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