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Originally Posted by learav8r
I think, and I could be wrong, the reason SWA doesn't use the auto brakes, is to basically stay off the brakes all together until 80 knots (slowing with reversers only) that in turn lets them do quick turns with no concern rising about break temps


Nowhere in our current FOM is there such a statement. Safety is priority one. I just don't understand how people can think that safety is second over schedule or pay or whatever. We (pilots) are just like everyone else, we have families, friends and I have NEVER seen safety compromised.

Get with it people. Wait for the NTSB report to come out and then you can add your two cents as to what, why, and where.

Read what was wrote bright spark. I never said it was an unsafe practice merely a method to allow the airplane to be turned faster, nothing unsafe about it. A few had asked why, I offered an opinion as to why based on how my airline conducts ops.

I realize this is a rough time and my thoughts and prayers are with the little boys family and the crew of the flight.